Kiosk electrical substations and distributors

We offer construction of electrical substations and distributors according to technical requirements of a client. The most used types of kiosk electrical substations, TS1 and TS8, with outer or inner control.

Project and engineering activity

Supplies of turnkey projects.We offer project documentation for territorial decision, for building permission, realization and after-realization project documentations and project documentation of actual conditions.

Installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment

We provide production, installation, reconstructions, repairs and maintenance of selected electrical equipment and their parts. We execute industrial installations, public lighting. We can provide displacement of conduits, works under voltage. According to a framework agreement for service and maintenance of electrical substations we execute regular checks, repairs, maintenance and revisions. Older electrical substations can be provided with completion of project documentation.


We offer a feasibility study, project documentation for building permission, realization and final building approval, launching into operation, guarantee and after-guarantee service and maintenance (mowing, washing).