Electrical installation activity

Our company is authorised to perform installation, maintenance, reconstructions and repairs of electrotechnical equipment without limitation of voltage. For our customers we provide the following execution:

  • installation of air conduction LV, HV, VHV, EHV
  • installation of cable conduction LV, HV
  • installation of distribution points 22 kV, 110 kV, 400 kV
  • installation of combined earth rope and optical self-supporting cable
  • transfer of conduction without limitation of voltage
  • works under voltage
  • public lighting
  • guarantee and after-guarantee service

Professional inspections and tests

Professional activities are exclusively executed by qualified employees holding relevant certificates according to valid legislation.

  • For successful launching into operation they are submitted to tests and inspections according to valid legislation as part of execution of energy works
  • new electrical equipment can be put into operaiton only if its conditions from the point of safety is verified by output professional inspections and tests
  • activity on electrical equipment is performed according to provisions of technical standards, as well as according to requirements of producers specified in accompanying and service documentation (service manuals, installation, repair and maintenance manuals), upon compliance of safety – technical requirements