Supply of photovoltaic power stations – turnkey projects

Using of solar energy represents nowadays the cleanest method of energy usage at all and as compared to other sources (also renewable) the influences on surrounding environment are negligible. Volume of solar energy incident to the territory of Slovakia in about 200-times higher than present consumption.

Photovoltaic power station comprises of a set of photovoltaic panels which produce direct-current voltage and current of specific power. Direct-current voltage is then changed in invertors to alternating voltage. Output alternating voltage is transformed in electric substation and is led to distribution network.

We provide a complex supply of photovoltaic power station – turnkey projects

  • from realization study
  • elaboration of project documentation for building permission
  • elaboration of realization project documentation
  • realization of photovoltaic power stations
  • final approval of photovoltaic power stations
  • launching into operation
  • guarantee and after-guarantee service
  • maintenance of photovoltaic power stations and services connected with mowing, washing of panels